Friday, August 17, 2012

Weight Loss Supplements!

I must start by asking you to please read this article through to the end in order to see the message. I write this stuff because I care about YOU. I'll try to keep it brief. 

Have a headache? Take an aspirin. Low energy? Drink Red Bull. Too much fat? Pop a pill. These are all common occurrences in the daily life of a citizen in modern society. 

"Bigger, Faster, Stronger" is a documentary from 2008 directed by Chris Bell about the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs in America. In the documentary Chris got information from both sides and stories from steroid users as well as others who were affected by the use of steroids. In the end Chris brings up a good point about all drugs and how we can and do use drugs for almost everything. 

We've reached a place where we throw drugs at everything. I'm not against the medical community or the use of prescription drugs or even supplements. I thank God for the technology and gifted doctors who save lives everyday but when there is a pill to stop gray hair... Really? I'm young and only have one gray hair which was so eloquently pointed out when I had a kid who is just a wonderful ball of energy on my shoulders. She told me I had paint in my hair. Knowing I hadn't painted anything nor been around wet paint in months, I immediate thought, "gray hair." Sure enough, one. Gray. Hair... But when that little hair decides to get married and start a colony, so what? Sean Connery has gray hair and just like in the article, so does George Clooney! And if part of the colony of hair decides to die off and leave me with some shiny spots I'll buzz the rest off.

Sean Connery in "The Hunt for Red October" 1990


Back to my point. In America we seem to have a pill, or drug, or supplement for everything. It's ridiculous! I'm actually a representative for a very highly regarded supplement company and I still think supplements and supplement companies are WAY out of hand! One area in particular is weight loss. Some before and after photos for such and such supplement that will help you "drop 1,000,000% bodyfat in 2 hours!(exaggeration)" are flat out lies! Not all are lies, some really do work but many are exaggerations at the least.

Part of the documentary "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" shows just how easy it is to fake before and after photos:

Again, some supplements really do work! There are actually herbs and roots that increase your metabolism. Bodybuilders use these supplements all the time but that is NOT where they start. They start by changing what they DO! They start eating better and change their workouts up so they lose more fat.

Instead of throwing a drug at a problem, shouldn't we try to figure out what we are DOING that is causing the problem in the first place? If we're tired, are we sleeping enough? Are we stretched too thin and maybe need to make some adjustments in our lives? If we have a headache, again, sleep? Are we hydrated? Are we eating too much msg or artificial substances? Now for the big one! We have too much fat. Are we eating too much? Believe it or not, are we sleeping enough? Are we eating the right foods? Being active? Even if we're depressed. What are we letting into our minds? What are we allowing to influence us? Now I know there are some cases when there really is a chemical imbalance but my personal belief is that it's what we DO that should be addressed and is the real issue.

Instead of putting a band-aid on the problem, shouldn't we solve the root cause? Wouldn't you rather get rid of the problem than just mask it?

Shouldn't we look at what we do and ask ourselves, "is this good for me and those around me" or "is this right"? 

If we don't get "hurt", we don't need band-aids that lead to more hurt and more band-aids. I hate seeing people who are broken. The only way to get better is through the tough stuff. Through truth in love not band-aids. 

If you really want results in life, change what you do and who you are for the better.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Dir. Christopher Bell. Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2008. DVD.

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