Saturday, September 29, 2012

Change for a Better Life

When I was training at an awesome bootcamp, someone told me that, after a year of hard work, for the first time they were playing with their kids and their kids were tired before she was! To see that she could actually catch them while playing tag and she could out-endure them was an eye opener to her and to me! She added a TON of value to her life through habit change! To see the emotion and how much that meant to her was AWESOME!
Recently I have been looking into becoming a Wellness/Life Coach. Throughout the years I've noticed that those who get and KEEP the results most people are searching for focus on lifestyle change. They gradually change their habits. They realize that they have been stagnant and they aren't where they want to be. They see a potential future of not having energy, having diabetes, obesity, not being able to enjoy playing with their kids and grandchildren, and so on if they don't do something about it now. They also see the life they could have. High energy, lean (doesn't have to mean six-pack), healthy, vibrant, playing with their kids and grandchildren, going on adventures... fulfilling whatever their life goals are! 

I've also noticed that many personal training clients come and go. They come in, a personal trainer gives them into a routine but they never really see change. Those who are truly motivated get fantastic results whether they came in with that fire in their heart or the personal trainer is a great coach and helped them reach that level of motivation. This bugs me. There must be a better way of helping people change their own lives! Not just set a New Years Resolution and spend hundreds of dollars to end up right back where they started.

Then I see Wellness Coaching on the rise. People who help guide others through life. They help get rid of the clutter in your mind and help you focus your efforts on your true goals. I see these coaches helping others get phenomenal results and those results generally stay for a lifetime! Having a strong love for restoration and improvement, I want to help others get better together! I don't want them to just come in, do their workout and walk out frustrated. If they are happy with what they are doing, that's great, but I'm talking about those who are struggling and feel "stuck."

So what's the point of this article? To open your eyes to possibility and a new part of the health and fitness industry that is on the rise and has a GREAT potential for helping change people's lives. You can reach your goals! These Wellness Coaches can help! 

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